Administrative Office of the Courts of GA

AOC Staff Directory

Main Office Number- 404-656-5171
                  TDD/TDY 404-463-6788

Name TitleOfficeEmailTelephone Numbers
 Ayesha   Kirk  Staff --
 Gilberto Alcantara Network Administrator Information Technology 404-463-0016
 Sowjanya Aligala Web Developer Information Technology 404-463-0837
 Bradley Allen Desktop Support Specialist Information Technology 404-657-1770
 Jennifer Aszman Fatality Review Project Coordinator Georgia Commission on Family Violence 404-463-3178
 Michelle Barclay Assistant Director Children, Families and the Courts 404-657-9219
 Jorge Basto Division Director/CIO Information Technology 404-657-9673
 Joshua  Becker Certification Program Officer Accountability Courts 404-463-6298
 Bianca Bennett Administrative Coordinator Certification and Licensing 404-463-6478
 Jacqueline Booker Human Resources Specialist Human Resources 404-463-0638
 Derrick Bryant Graphic Designer Communications and Publications 404-656-6784
 Patricia Buonodono Child Support Staff Director Children, Families and the Courts 404-463-0044
 Kim Burley Central Accounting Manager Financial Administration 404-463-3816
 Carl  Carey Network Administrator Information Technology 404-656-7694
 Christopher Causey Project Coordinator Governmental & Trial Court Liaison 404-463-6296
 Cynthia  Clanton Associate Director, General Counsel General Counsel 404-656-6692
 Michael  Cuccaro Assistant Director Governmental & Trial Court Liaison 404-651-7616
 Tajsha Dekine Business Analyst Information Technology 404-656-3479
 Randy Dennis Division Director Financial Administration 404-651-7613
 Jessica Farah Staff Attorney General Counsel 404-463-3805
 Jameelah Ferrell Project Assistant Georgia Commission on Family Violence 404-656-5586
 Catherine Fitch Policy Analyst Governmental & Trial Court Liaison 404-463-1023
 Rachel  Gage Project Coordinator Accountability Courts 404-463-1453
 Ashley Garner Policy Fiscal Analyst Director's Division 404-656-6404
 Herbert Gordon Licensing Specialist Certification and Licensing 404-232-1409
 Christopher Hansard Assistant Director Research, Planning, & Data Analysis 404-463-1871
 Roxanne Harkcom Budget and Accounting Specialist Financial Administration 404-463-9016
 Monte  Harris Payroll Manager Financial Administration 404-656-6691
 Yiwen He Application Developer Information Technology 404-651-8169
 Stephanie Hines Human Resources Manager/EEOC Officer Human Resources 404-657-7469
 Wendy Hosch Research and Statistical Analyst I Research, Planning, & Data Analysis 404-656-6413
 Daniel Houlihan Legislative Intern Governmental & Trial Court Liaison --
 Araceli Jacobs Legal Policy Analyst (QIC) Children, Families and the Courts 404-656-6703
 Elaine Johnson Child Support Guidelines Coordinator Children, Families and the Courts 404-463-6383
 Kevin Kirk Business Analyst Information Technology 404-275-8372
 Ayesha Kirk Legislative Intern Governmental & Trial Court Liaison --
 Matthew Kloiber Facilities Operations Planning Spec. Financial Administration 404-463-1319
 (Extern) Legal Staff General Counsel   404-463-5179
 (Intern) Legal Staff General Counsel   404-463-3821
 Christina Liu Application Developer Information Technology 404-651-8180
 Tynesha Manuel Operations Manager Certification and Licensing 404-463-3788
 Yolanda  Mashburn Customer Service Specalist I Director's Division 404-657-6269
 Tracy Mason Program Administrator Governmental & Trial Court Liaison 404-463-0559
 Anthony  Mazza Assistant Director Information Technology 404-657-4006
 Kimberly  Miller Research and Statistical Analyst II Research, Planning, & Data Analysis 404-463-6887
 Shinji Morokuma AOC Programs Director  Office of Dispute Resolution 404-463-3785
 Lashawn Murphy Project Coordinator Governmental & Trial Court Liaison 404-651-6325
 Paula Myrick Grants Coordinator Children, Families and the Courts 404-463-6480
 Michael Neuren Program Manager Information Technology 404-657-4218
 Nancy  Nevels Accounts Payable Technician Financial Administration 404-463-1907
 Tanya Osby Revenue Analyst Financial Administration 404-463-0237
 Rory Parker Business Analyst Information Technology 404-656-3478
 Sebastian Parra Legislative Intern Governmental & Trial Court Liaison --
 Wanda Paul Information Systems Analyst Information Technology 404-538-0849
 Kriste Pope Information Systems Analyst Information Technology 404-731-1358
 Sharon Reiss Executive Director, CMCJ 404-463-4171
 Arnold Schoenberg Application Developer Information Technology 404-463-6342
 Stacey Seldon Project Coordinator, DV Task Force Court Services 404-463-0043
 Bruce Shaw Administrative Assistant Children, Families and the Courts 404-463-6106
 Aquaria Smith Program Manager Board of Court Reporting 404-651-8707
 Linda  Smith Education Certifcation Officer Certification and Licensing 404-657-4219
 Ashley Stollar Communications/Outreach Specialist II Director's Division 404-656-6783
 Lateefah Thomas Program Manager Accountability Courts 404-463-1906
 Jennifer Thomas Program Manager Georgia Commission on Family Violence 404-463-1662
 Pete Tyo Information Systems Analyst Information Technology 404-731-1357

Administrative Office of the Courts