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Art Exhibition Contest

2014 AC Courts Conference


What: The Judicial Council, Conference Planning Subcommittee requests the submission of artwork from program participants for a juried exhibition at the annual accountability courts conference.  

Categories: The following art submissions are permitted:

·                    Spoken word (song, rap, etc.)

·                    Written (essay, story, poem, etc.)

·                    Artwork (painting, pictures, etc.)

·                    Tactile or sculpture (no larger than 3x3 and placed onto a tabletop and/or easel) 

 Theme: The theme of the art submissions and overall contest should be reflective of the participant moving toward the goal, path, and journeyThe submission should embody whatever pathway the participants did to get to their goal (whatever that may be – will differ depending on type of court and issue). 

How To Incorporate Into Your Program: Consider using this art project as a substitute for a “phase up” or similar project.  Your program can set its own guidelines so long as it meets these requirements.  Alternatively, consider using this project as a volunteer opportunity and reward participants with incentives such as curfew extensions, waiver of community service, etc. 

Rules: No more than three (3) submissions per program are allowed.  Programs are encouraged to conduct their own local exhibition or competition and submit the top three projects to the Awards Committee.  If your program has more than three possible submissions, please let the Awards Committee know in the event that additional spots are available.  Submissions and subsequent voting for awards will be selected from the following divisions/categories:

·                    Adult Drug

·                    Adult Mental Health

·                    DUI/Drug and/or DUI (to include hybrid)

·                    Juvenile

·                    Family Dependency Treatment

·                    Others (Veterans, Domestic Violence, Child Support, etc.)

Awards/Prizes: All those that submit art (in any capacity); will be given a signed certificate of participation.  Division winners will receive a gift card not to exceed $50, in addition to the certificateThere will be one (1) Best In Show (best of all submissions) award and that submission will receive a gift card not to exceed $100, in addition to the certificate.  The court program that each division winner is a participant of will be receive a VISA gift card not to exceed $200 to be used for incentives.

What Will the Subcommittee Do: A member of the Subcommittee will meet the winner in their home location/court to present the award (gift card and certificate). 

Deadline: All submissions must be received by the Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC), 244 Washington Street, SW, Suite 300, Atlanta, Georgia, 30334 on or before August 29, 2014.  No late submissions will be accepted.  The AOC will assume reasonable costs associated with shipping, mounting and matting of submissions. 

Judging: All allowable submissions from each program will be displayed prominently at the state conference. On September 15, 2014, an independent panel of experts will judge each of them based on the theme above and overall contest rules. Awards will be announced during the conference and the presentation of the awards will occur at a later date and time convenient for the recipient and their corresponding program. 

More Information:  Please contact Lateefah Thomas, Accountability Courts Program Manager, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , or (404) 463-1906(404) 463-1906