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Accountability Courts HERO Award Nominations

2014 AC Courts Conference


The HERO Award nominee is someone who has provided extraordinary support or activity within the local court program and neither expects nor generally receives recognition for his or her actions. The purpose of the HERO Award is to recognize people who have made a significant contribution to local accountability court programs in Georgia.  

If there is an individual who has shown extraordinary leadership and distinguished services, consider submitting his or her name for nomination using the process and criteria guidelines described below.  

Categories: Any individual who has made significant contributions to their local accountability court program, in Georgia, is eligible for consideration of the Accountability Court HERO Award. Recognition is given to practitioners in the adult, mental health, DUI, juvenile, family, veteran, parental and other specialty (domestic violence, etc.) courts.  

Awards will recognize (1) outstanding representative from each of the following categories:  

· Case Manager/Probation – Responsible for direct supervision of the participant’s compliance with the program, including implementation of the appropriate supervision level based on established measures, providing community linkages and referrals to appropriate agencies, and monitoring for the day-to-day activities and home environment of the participant;

· Law Enforcement/Supervision Liaison – Responsible for assisting with background investigations of potential participants, providing transports to facilities at the request of the judge, follow-up on warrants issued through the court, and/or monitoring sanctions and compliance of participants via unannounced home visits and curfew checks (can include CASA and/or Guardian Ad-Litem);

· Treatment Provider - Designated chemical health staff participating in staffing, makes treatment recommendations to the Court, and as appropriate, will identify and/or provide a continuum of care for participants while advocating on behalf of the client and for the integrity of the court program;

·  Coordinator – Responsible for the planning, development, management, coordination and daily operations monitoring of the Court’s accountability court program;

·   Judge – Presides over the court proceedings and monitors appropriate application of disciplines, sanctions and incentives while maintaining the integrity of the Court;

· Defense Counsel – Advocates for the participant during staffing and court proceedings in a non-adversarial manner, assisting with the negotiation of plea agreements, and completing necessary documents to facilitate the treatment process for the participant (can include the Parent Attorney);

·   Prosecutor – Review all potential participants for eligibility, participates in staffing of cases, and interacts with the staffing team to address revocations, pleas and application of sanctions and incentives as they apply to the participant (can include the Child/Agency Attorney)

·  Community Partner – This category supports those that willingly support the efforts of the accountability court through generous community involvement; without them, the court would not be able to serve those in need (can include advisory group members, stakeholders, community leaders, organizations, corporations, etc.)


Format: Complete submissions must not exceed 2 pages in length. In addition to the required elements mentioned below, submissions must include, in one-page or less, a narrative describing the ways the nominee’s contributions have been of greatest value to the local accountability court program. A solid narrative will present evidence that the nominee’s contribution have (or will have) enduring value to the program and/or community. No other supporting documentation/attachments (video, audio, letters of support, etc.) will be considered.


Required Elements of Nomination

Name of nominee

Email address of nominee

Phone number of nominee

Role within the accountability court

Number of years serving in particular role

Number of years serving in the field


Name of nominator

Email address of nominator

Phone number of nominator

Role within the accountability court


Court name

Court complete address

Type of court program (adult, mental health, DUI, juvenile, family, veteran, parental and other specialty)

Number of years court has been in operation


Deadline: All nominations must be received by the Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC), Attention: HERO Awards, 244 Washington Street, SW, Suite 300, Atlanta, Georgia, 30334 or

via email at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it on or before August 8, 2014. No late submissions will be accepted.


Selection: All candidates with nominations following the proper nomination procedures and that meet the deadline for submission will be presented to an objective panel of judges for selection. If an individual is nominated multiple times, the panel will only consider one of those nominations.


Information for the Nominators: Nominators of the selected award recipients will be informed in early September. Alerting the selected recipient will be at your discretion. If there is any other supporting information nominators would like to share that highlights the recipient’s work (video, photograph, etc.), it will be requested at that time.


Awards: Presentation of the awards will be held during the conference at the HERO Awards Luncheon on Tuesday, September 16, 2014. The recipient, plus one guest of their choosing, will be invited to attend the luncheon at no additional cost.

More Information: Please contact Lateefah Thomas, Accountability Courts Program Manager, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , or (404) 463-1906(404) 463-1906