Traffic Court Reference Manual 2015

2015 legislation overview for courts

Reset notice for diversion – form – Dekalb

Waiver of Counsel Form – Fulton

Misdemeanor Final Disposition form – Fulton

First Offender Form Cobb County

First Offender Order – Muscogee

Jail Instructions – Dekalb

Pre-trial Compliance Order Form (Edlein)

First Offender Cobb County

Jail Instructions-compressed

DDS Application Limited Driving Permit

Criminal – reset notice diversion

Criminal Motions – Judge Waters

Defendant Waiver of Counsel

DDS powerpoint 2017 changes

Criminal Forms in Spanish

Affidavit to Lift no Contact Order – Muscogee

Conditional Discharge – Cobb County

Waiver of Right to Counsel at Trial



First Offender Notice

Pretrial Final Conference – colloquy – Gordon

Order Denying Bond Refund – not filed by attorney Eckles (Edlein)

Sentencing Reminders for after Trial – Homier

Probation – request to transfer to state probation

Waiver of Right to Counsel at Trial – Homier

Waiver of Jury Trial Dialog – Homier

Sentencing Reminders for after Trial

Order – DWOP – victim not testifying (Edlein)

Order – DWOP (Edlein)

Rule Nisi Form

Order Granting Motion to Dismiss – Suppress (Edlein)


Standing Criminal Motion Order- Ocmulgee

Waiver of Counsel – Faretta – Parrott

Consent case hold form – pretrial Dekalb

Criminal – Consent hold form

Criminal Calendar Cover Sheet – Parrott

Jury Trial

Contempt Order (drinking in court) (2)-Darden-Civil

first+offender+notice from Ben Studdard

Domestic Violence Bond Conditions

Change of Address

Bench Warrant

Bond Forfeiture and Rule Nisi

Calendar Call and Jury Trial Notice

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