Georgia Judicial Gateway

Welcome to the Georgia Judicial Gateway.  The Judicial Council / Administrative Office of the Courts has developed the Georgia Judicial Gateway  (GJG) to facilitate access to numerous services provided by both public and private entities. This Portal is provided to enable Citizens and Court Professionals to access Vital Judicial Services throughout the State of Georgia. Please note that authentication may be required to access certain features/functions.

Judicial Council/AOC

Judicial Council of Georgia Administrative Office of the Courts

E-Access Court Records

Search various providers for an existing case record.

E-File Court Records

Choose from multiple filing vendors available to file in courts statewide.

Child Support Calculator

The official calculator for Georgia’s Child Support Guidelines statute found at O.C.G.A. §19-6-15.

Georgia Legal Aid

Navigate the complexities of the court system with self-help resources when you don’t have access to a lawyer.

Public Defenders

Cannot afford to hire a private attorney? Find legal representation for certain criminal and juvenile offenses.

Georgia Supreme Court

Official website of the Supreme Court of Georgia

Court of Appeals of Georgia

The Georgia Court of Appeals is the intermediate appellate court in Georgia.

Georgia. gov

The Official Website of the State of Georgia. Search topics, agencies and cities.

Georgia Commission on Dispute Resolution

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