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Our Clerks Council is made up of members from all 159 counties of the state which have a Magistrate Court. Our council has 10 district representatives who are elected to represent each judicial district in the state which makes up our executive council.

Magistrate Courts are sometimes referred to as the “Emergency Room” of the Courts of Georgia. Magistrate clerks are like nurses, that can assist in filings without giving legal advice. Our courts see a little of everything. Most criminal cases begin and are heard in our courts. Civil filings with a monetary amount of up to $15,000 come before our court which may result with a simpler and sometimes quicker resolution of cases. It is not mandatory to have an attorney when cases are filed in magistrate courts. Pro Se litigants (self-representation) may present or defend their case whether it be civil or criminal.

This site is designed for use not only for judiciary but also for citizens not familiar with our proceedings. Please take a moment to browse our website and hopefully you will find a wealth of resources to help educate and assist you with any Magistrate Court issues.

Council Profile

Magistrate Court is often called the people’s court, because it helps regular citizens represent themselves, without an attorney, in cases against other people. Using the Magistrate Court is quicker, more affordable, and more efficient in cases involving $15,000 or less.

The first step of most legal processes begins with paperwork—argh! But we’ve got a free tool (Forms Generator) that can help you find the correct form and fill it out. At the end of the simple question-and-answer process (called an ‘interview), you can print your forms to take to your Magistrate Court and file. If your county offers e-filing, you’ll be able to use that option at the end of this process to file your forms electronically.

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