Enacted Legislation


The 2019 Regular Session of the 155th Georgia General Assembly convened on January 14, 2019, and adjourned Sine Die on April 2, 2019. During the legislative session, lawmakers considered legislation on a wide range of issues such as updates to voting technology, Medicaid waivers, rural access to broadband, and allowing the cultivation and distribution of marijuana for medical purposes.

A number of bills that affect the judiciary were passed including the budget for Fiscal Year 2020, enabling legislation for a Statewide Business Court, and changes to leave from court cases. The General Assembly also passed a resolution naming the new state judicial complex in honor of Governor Nathan Deal.

Six Judicial Council-supported bills received final passage: HB 92, HB 134, HB 257, HB 381, HB 492, and SB 38 (by way of HB 239). HB 92 allows for up to six excess municipal court training hours to carry over to the subsequent year if so requested by a municipal court judge. HB 134 repeals Code Section 36-15-11 of the OCGA, which provides for law library funds to be directed to the general fund in counties with a population of 950,000 or more. HB 257 updates and modernizes several statutes related to magistrate court judges. HB 381 removes statutory language specifying the use of imputing gross income based on a 40-hour workweek at minimum wage and provides for cleanup and technical changes to child support guidelines. HB 492 requires that an application for execution of a writ of possession be made within 30 days of such writ being issued. Language from SB 38 requiring that new case numbers be given to post-judgment proceedings filed more than 30 days after the initial judgment or dismissal of a case and providing for the computerized record-keeping of such post-judgment filings was included in the final, passed version of HB 239.

To view the summaries of all bills tracked by the Judicial Council/Administrative Office of the Courts, please visit us at: legislation.georgiacourts.gov.

To view all bills introduced during the Georgia General Assembly’s 2019 session, go to www.legis.ga.gov/.

To view the bills signed by the governor in 2019, visit https://gov.georgia.gov/signed-legislation/2019.

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