AOC Citations Web Service

IMPORTANT NOTE: paper citations that were issued during our outage are now being entered into our CAD/RMS system. All electronic citations commence with “E”, whereas paper citations do not (they typically commence with a numeral).

AOC Citations Web Service

Citations delivered by Georgia Department of Public Safety (Georgia State Patrol) to the AOC are made available to third parties through a web service. In order to access citations through the web service, an account must first be set up with the AOC.

Please click Here for the reference document.

About The Service

The AOC Citations Web Service enables the electronic transmission of citations from law enforcement agencies to Courts and ultimately to the state. In conjunction with private Records and Case Management System vendors as well as several state agencies, the AOC is managing these efforts to enable electronic processing of citations from origination to disposed status reporting. The ultimate goal is to facilitate the exchanges of citation data across multiple organizations in an accurate, timely, and efficient manner

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