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Welcome to the Georgia Income Deduction Order Website

Income Deduction and Withholding is a process by which a parent who is ordered by a court to pay child support has payments withheld directly from his or her pay. Information provided on this website will assist you with correctly implementing income deduction under Georgia and federal law.

Before income can be deducted for child support, a separate Income Deduction Order (IDO) must be signed by a judge and filed with the clerk of court. (See Uniform Superior Court Rule 24.11.) The IDO form (see step 1 on this page) provided here is required by Uniform Superior Court Rule 24.12. It should not be altered in any way other than providing the requested information.

Forms and Process (Placing income deduction for the first time)

The steps below include links to forms available for your use.

Step 1- Prepare and send these documents to the Family Support Registry:
  1. FSR Registration Form v1.3 (fillable PDF)
  2. A copy of your Income Deduction Order (IDO) (fillable PDF)

While not required, it is helpful if you also send a copy of your Child Support Order.


Fax documents to 770-836-2701, OR mail documents to the Family Support Registry (FSR), P.O. Box 1800, Carrollton, GA 30112-1800. Under Georgia law, all payments made by Income Deduction Order are paid to the Division of Child Support Services Family Support Registry (FSR). A record is made of each payment and it is forwarded to the custodial parent.

Step 2 – Prepare and sends these documents to the employer/payor:
  1. A copy of your Income Deduction Order (IDO) (fillable PDF)
  2. Notice to Payor
  3. IWO form (fillablePDF_HelpfulHints)

DO NOT file the IWO with the Superior Court Clerk’s office! This form contains a field for the obligor’s Social Security Number (SSN). Filing a document with an SSN violates Georgia law.

Step 3 – Prepare and send these documents to the Noncustodial Parent (NCP)
  1. A copy of your Income Deduction Order (IDO) (fillable PDF)
  2. Statement of Rights, Remedies, and Duties

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Section 19-6-32. Entering income deduction order

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