On June 5th, 2020, JDEX will be receiving a system update. When you log-on for the first time on June 5th or after, you will be required to update your password. The process is easy, you will enter your email address and the steps to update your password will be provided in the email. We are here to help, jdexinfo@georgiacourts.gov, please do not hesitate to reach out for assistance.


Georgia’s Juvenile Data Exchange: Bringing Data to Justice

Georgia lacks a comprehensive mechanism for the collection of statewide juvenile justice data. As a result, judges and parties in juvenile delinquency matters cannot make informed decisions regarding the youth who appear in our juvenile courts, and youth may not receive a uniform experience of justice throughout the State.

The Juvenile Data Exchange Project (JDEX) brings together committed partners from the Governor’s Office, the Council of Juvenile Court Judges, the Administrative Office of the Courts, and the Department of Juvenile Justice to create a statewide data repository of juvenile justice data. Our goal is to enable informed legal advocacy and judicial decision-making, and to ensure that youth receive substantial justice in every county of the State.

JDEX System tutorials
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