News and Information on the Coronavirus for Georgia’s Judiciary

Judicial COVID-19 Task Force Report

Judicial Council Pandemic Bench Guide

Tools for

Technology Resources for Courts

Georgia Court Reopening Guide

DPH District Office Directory

Supplies for Courts

Rule 3.15 Annual Disclosure Report

Deadlines for Uniform Superior Court Rule 39.3.1

Guidance on Grand Jury Proceedings Under the Chief Justice’s Second Order Extending Declaration of Statewide Judicial Emergency

Guidance on the Continued Authority of Grand Juries Impaneled Prior to the Issuance of the Chief Justice’s Order Declaring Statewide Emergency

Guidance on the Extension of Deadlines and Time Limits Defined by Reference to Terms of Court Under the Chief Justice’s Order Declaring Statewide Emergency

Guidance on Tolling Statutes of Limitation

Guidance on Tolling of Filing Deadlines

Updated Guidance Regarding Judiciary Response to COVID-19

Amendments to Court Rules

Best Practices for Screening Visitors at the Entrance of a Courthouse

Georgia Department of Public Health Administrative Order and Isolation Protocol 3/23/20

Memo to Courts from DDS

Zoom for Teleconferencing

DocuSign for Court Orders

Sample Telework Policies and Agreement

Google Tools

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